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10.21.2005 - 16:00 CDT

Writing is an illness. One is never cured of the need to write. It merely goes into remission. For some it fades more easily than others. I certainly still want to write. But the exigencies of needing to keep my brood fed and clothed push my writing hobby into the background pretty quickly. So, nothing even remotely current here. But here are two things I think have or had some promise once upon a time.

The Mohammed Chang Stories They have their own page formatted just as it was back in 1998.

"Yardarm to Yardarm"(PDF document)
This is a Science Fiction novella-in-progress that I coincidentally stopped working on after a prolonged period of un- and underemployment. It is supposed to be the beginning of a near future series set in the Solar System about eighty years or so in the future. It is meant as a bit of a homage to Patrick O'Brien's Aubrey and Maturin stories. You tell me if it works or not. There is a screenplay that also goes with this that takes place two or three years after this story. Perhaps I'll get around to posting that up here someday as well.

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